The Degree Plan


The Degree Plan

The degree plan requires a minimum of 36 credits in Spanish, of which at least 30 must be earned at the 500 level, and the remainder above the 450 level. The courses should be concentrated in the student’s chosen area of study (linguistics or literature) as each student will be tested on a reading list that corresponds to each area study. A thesis is optional. Students authorized to complete a thesis may count a maximum of 6 credits of thesis work toward the degree. At the present time, the thesis option is not available for online-only students. There are no required core courses at this time and a student should work closely with his/her advisor and the Graduate Director to establish an appropriate individual degree plan.

All students in either the on-campus or online program may complete a minor at the master’s level by taking 9 credits (3 courses) at the 500 level or above, in another area (department) of study, or within the department itself. For instance, a student studying linguistics may wish to obtain a minor in literature or a student studying literature may wish to obtain a minor in linguistics. In either case, the minor credits count as part of the 36 total credits required for the degree. In all cases, the student should work closely with the Graduate Director to ensure his/her particular plan of study is acceptable to the program.


Linguistics area of study courses include:

SPAN 507       Technology Enhanced Language Learning

SPAN 508       Teaching Literature with Technology

SPAN 509       Teaching Culture with Technology

SPAN 510       Assessing the National Standards

SPAN 540       Introducción a la lingüística

SPAN 545       Advanced Dialectos del Español

SPAN 558       Bilingüismo

SPAN 560       Advanced Spanish Language Acquisition

SPAN 561       Advanced Spanish Phonetics

SPAN 562       Advanced Spanish Phonology

SPAN 570       Advanced Study in Technical Translation

SPAN 580       Research Methodology in Spanish Linguistics

SPAN 584       Spanish Morphosyntax

SPAN 585       Language Assessment

SPAN 589       Spanish Sociolinguistics

SPAN 591       Advanced Study in History of the Spanish Language

SPAN 592       Advanced Structure of Spanish

SPAN 593       Advanced Studies in US Spanish

SPAN 594       Theory of Methodology of Spanish Pedagogy

SPAN 595:      Topics in Applied Linguistics – may vary by course subtitle

SPAN 597       Advanced Strategies for Teaching Spanish for Heritage/Native Speakers


Literature area of study courses include:

SPAN 500       Methods of Research and Literary Criticism

SPAN 512       Contemporary Spanish-American Poetry

SPAN 520       Hispanic Micro Fiction

SPAN 521       Advanced Culture and Literature of New Mexico

SPAN 528       Advanced US Latino Culture and Literature

SPAN 547       Advanced Hispanic Film

SPAN 548       Advanced US-Hispanic Film

SPAN 552       Advanced Literature of the Mexican Revolution

SPAN 555       Advanced Conquest, Colonial, and Indigenous Literatures

SPAN 556       Advanced 19th Century Spanish-American Literature

SPAN 563       Advanced Study in Mexican Literature

SPAN 564       Advanced Post-Modern Hispanic Literature

SPAN 566       Contemporary Spanish-American Novel

SPAN 567       Advanced Study in Chicano Literature

SPAN 573       Advanced Study in Creative Writing

SPAN 581       Advanced Hispanic Modernism and Avant-Garde Literature

SPAN 583       Advanced Study in Spanish-American Women Writers

SPAN 586       Contemporary Spanish-American Essay

SPAN 587       Contemporary Spanish-American Short Story

SPAN 588       Contemporary Spanish-American Drama


Courses that may apply to either area include SPAN 590 (see subtitles in schedule of courses to confirm subject of the course) SPAN 598, SPAN 599 (both courses require a course proposal and prior approval). Please see the Graduate School Catalog for detailed course descriptions.