Earn Graduate-level Credit

While Attending

the AATSP Conference in


The Online MA in Spanish at New Mexico State University (NMSU) is pleased to offer this unique opportunity to all AATSP Conference attendees.

General Information

All graduate credits offered to attendees at the AATSP annual conference will be offered through New Mexico State University in conjunction with its Online MA in Spanish Program.  Information about that program and the specific courses follows.

Program Accreditation and Course Credit

In 2007 the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at NMSU approved a proposal to begin the Online MA in Spanish program and funded the effort with seed money to form, train, and recruit students and faculty for the program.  As part of the process, the program also received the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School at NMSU.  Thus, the program is fully approved with NMSU. New Mexico State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This means that the courses taken through the Online MA in Spanish program have the same credibility, accreditation, and rigor as any other degree at NMSU, either on campus or online.

The emphasis in the NMSU Online MA in Spanish Program is on quality in course design and instruction. Faculty recognize that the online environment has demanded more from the students and enhanced their learning opportunities.

Upon completion of course(s) taken through the Online MA in Spanish, attendees may request a transcript from NMSU and the course appears on the official transcript with graded credit.  There is no annotation as to whether this course was done online or on campus.


Please consider these Policies and Procedures for Receiving Credits through the AATSP-NMSU Online Graduate Credit Program:


Credits through the NMSU Online MA in Spanish Program

AATSP Conference attendees wishing to receive graduate-level credit may do so through the Online MA in Spanish program without being accepted to the degree program.  Attendees wishing to receive credit do, however, have to apply to be admitted to NMSU as non-degree seeking students.  Please follow the steps below in the “Procedures” section in order to enroll properly.  For future conferences, attendees already enrolled in the AATSP-NMSU Online Graduate Credit Program, need not apply again.  However, should an attendee wish to continue the Online MA in Spanish degree taking other courses not associated with the AATSP Annual Conference, they must do so by formally with a separate packet and can be viewed by clicking ________ and following the link: “Master of Arts in Spanish Online.”



All conference attendees desiring to enroll in the AATSP-NMSU Online Graduate Credit Program must pay the following (costs are subject to change on a yearly basis):

  1. Application fee, currently $30.00. This fee is a one-time application fee and attendees will not have to pay it for graduate credit associated with additional future conferences.New participants in the AATSP-NMSU Online Graduate Credit Program will pay the current application fee rate.  Returning participants will not be required to make this payment.
  1. $250 per credit hour, or whatever the current tuition rate per credit hour is, keeping in mind that tuition fluctuates and is not under the control of the AATSP-NMSU Online Graduate Credit Program. This tuition rate is being offered as if attendees were New Mexico residents.This rate can be offered because the conference attendees are taking less than nine (9) credit hours at one time.  The program offers a one-credit course and a three-credit course. Attendees wishing to receive one credit would pay $280 for the course (application fee plus fee for one credit) and attendees wishing to receive 3 credits would pay $780 (application fee plus fee for three credits).  Again, for returning attendees/students at future conferences, the application fee would not be necessary.


Courses Offered for Summer 2010

Spanish 590

Special Topics: Bringing the 5 Cs into the Classroom             1 credit

Spanish 510

Bringing 5 Cs into the Classroom                                                 3 credits


Course Content

In essence, this AATSP-NMSU Online Graduate Credit Program provides the opportunity for conference attendees to apply everything they do at the conference in a practical way following the appropriate re-focus or in-depth review of the National Standards.

The one-credit and three-credit course will examine the implementation of the national standards in the classroom, specifically using technology.  Within the venue of Guadalajara, the attendees will research the local culture and find a way to bring it into their classrooms. Course attendees will then complete the courses after the conference by creating lesson plans and classroom resources that combine the national standards with the variety of subjects available during the sessions of the conference.

A small sample of a possible project could include this map using Google Maps that we have prepared to help potential conference attendees familiarize themselves with Guadalajara and the things that may await them.  Please use it and enjoy!


Preparing for 92nd Annual AATSP Conference in Guadalajara


Course Requirements


Conference Registration and Attendance. All individuals applying for Graduate Credit through NMSU must register for the AATSP conference for the year in question and attend the required sessions for that conference year.

Pre-conference, at-conference, and post-conference work. While the course syllabus will give more specifics, the basic idea is that both the 1 and the 3 credit courses would involve: 1) pre-conference work (online) beginning in mid-to-end of June, 2) on-site work (both through NMSU Online MA in Spanish sponsored session(s), in addition to attendance at a variety of other conference sessions, and participation in one or more of the excursions, as well as self-guided options), and, 3) follow-up activities or paper at the discretion of the attendee in consultation with the course instructor in keeping with attendee’s goals are as part of attending the conference.

Contact hours. The one-credit class will require 18 contact hours, and the 3 credit class will require 50 contact hours.  Again, involving the pre-conference preparation, at-conference session and excursion attendance, and post-conference follow-up.

Pre-conference online work. Pre-conference online work for both the 1 and 3 credit course would include:

  • At a minimum, reading the current National Standards Document and other relevant references, accompanied by discussion groups, BLOGs, and presentations on different subjects resulting from the readings.Discussions and presentations would be both instructor and student lead.
  • Reading reviews on how to prepare simple activities using Google Earth, Google Maps, BLOGS, Podcasts, Face Book, YouTube, and more.
  • Viewing samples of ways to bring the 5 Cs into the classroom by using the technologies mentioned previously.
  • Participants would be asked to preview the conference program to propose sessions that they will attend as part of the at-conference requirements.


At-conference Work.  At conference work will include the following:

  • A minimum attendance at 10 hours of conference sessions, workshops, and/or excursions plus the NMSU session for the 1 credit course.
  • A minimum attendance at a combination of 20 hours of conference sessions, workshops and/or excursions plus the NMSU session for the 3 credit course.
  • Attendance at the NMSU Online MA in Spanish 75-minute session which would include more interactive discussion on readings, sample step-by-step instructions for technologies, lesson plans.
  • A list of recommended sessions will be provided to the course participants that could apply towards course credit.


Post-conference Work.  Post-conference work will include the following:

  • For the one-credit course: (a) A thought/research paper on how attendee intends to use the information gathered as part of this course in the future.  This paper/proposal would ask for summaries of conference sessions attended. (b) A second option would be to prepare a simple project using strategies or techniques/technologies seen as part of the course and/or at the conference: i.e., a WebQuest to help students discover more about Guadalajara, or something similar to the Google Map prepared for the conference but geared towards students.
  • For the three-credit course: (a)  A thought/research paper/proposal on how attendee intends to use the information gathered on the course in the future.  This paper/proposal would ask for summaries of conference sessions attended  AND  a more in-depth project using strategies or techniques/technologies reviewed as part of the course and/or at the conference: i.e., a podcast/PowerPoint presentation/video that would be published in YouTube, or a series of activities involving Google Earth.


As an attendee at the 92nd Annual AATSP Conference in Guadalajara, you are able to receive graduate-level college credit to enhance your professional skills and advancement.  The procedures for enrolling in the AATSP-NMSU for credit program are as follows:


  1. Apply to be admitted as a non-degree seeking student at NMSU.The process is simple, just visit the following link, fill out the application, and submit it with a copy of your most recent university transcripts.  This is a one-time process, the next time you attend an AATSP conference and wish to receive credit, there is no need to complete this step.

Graduate School Application

When filling out the application, please be sure to select the non-degree seeking (or undeclared or unclassified) option under the enrollment status section, and Master of Arts under the expected degree section (this is done even if no degree is desired or expected.

For the non-degree seeking option, we require no letters of recommendation and no GRE test scores.


  1. Once you have completed the first step, and have received confirmation of acceptance, please send an email to Prof. Jeff Longwell at: jelongwe@nmsu.edu so that the Online MA in Spanish program is aware of your interest to be enrolled in the AATSP-NMSU for-credit program. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP SO WE CAN KEEP TRACK OF THOSE ATTENDEES INTERESTED IN RECEIVING CREDIT.  We will email you frequent updates as to what to do.
  1. Class registration opens in April and will run right up until the course begins in mid-June.Please note, that the course begins PRIOR to the conference and not just at the conference (See earlier sections on Courses Offered, Course Content and Course Requirements for more details). Attendees must decide whether they would like to receive 1 credit or 3 credits based on your individual goals.  Please email Prof. Longwell with your intent as to which course you will be taking.
  1. Wait for confirmation that you may enroll.Once you have received confirmation to enroll, please follow the instructions on this page.  You will also find instructions there on making payment for the course.
  1. Pay the appropriate course fees once you are enrolled in the course.
  1. Close to the date the course will commence, you will receive a welcome email with more instructions.After that you will log on to Canvas@ NMSU and follow instructions given in the course syllabus.

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Jeff Longwell, AATSP-NMSU for-credit program coordinator at: jelongwe@nmsu.edu

We hope to see you online and in Guadalajara!