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MA in Spanish


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Department Office Location:  Breland Hall 222

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              Dr. Jeff Longwell – email:

Graduate Committee:

               Dr. Kate Bove, Ph.D.  – email:

              Dr. Spencer Herrera, Ph.D .  – email:

              Dr. Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza, Ph.D.  – email:

              Dr. Gabriela Moreno, Ph.D.  – email:

              Dr. Mark Waltermire, Ph.D.  – email:

Dr. Rodrigo Figueroa Obregón, Ph.D. - email:

Dr. Héctor Iglesias Pascual, Ph.D. - email:


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DEGREE: Master of Arts

MAJOR: Spanish

MINOR: Spanish


The Department of Languages and Linguistics offers a Master of Arts in Spanish, which may be completed through our program on the main campus or completely online. Students are asked to specialize in either linguistics or literature. For non-thesis students, a specialization consists of a minimum of 27 credit hours, for thesis students, a specialization consists of a minimum of 24. A total of 36 credits is required for the degree.

Graduate Assistantships

For the on-campus program only, the department awards graduate assistantships to qualified students. For this financial assistance, the student works up to 20 hours a week in departmental programs, chiefly in the teaching of elementary and intermediate Spanish courses in either the Heritage Language sequence or Spanish as a second Language sequence. Students interested in being considered for an assistantship should clearly state this interest in their introduction letter during the application process. The department offers a limited number of assistantships, and students should remember that not everyone that applies for this award receives one. Maintaining the award depends on the student’s successful performance both academically and in the classes he/she teaches and is evaluated on a semester-by-semester basis. Students who receive an assistantship are required to take  SPAN 594  and SPAN 597 (see course descriptions) as part of their degree plan in order to help them prepare for teaching classes at NMSU.


Admission Requirements

Preparing the Application

The Degree Plan

Other Requirements

Transfer Credit Guidelines