Is there a certain number of classes we are expected to take each semester?

The beauty of the online master’s program is the flexibility that it allows. Students can take only one class per semester or session or multiple, the course load is based on your schedule. Most full-time working students (especially teachers) take one or maybe two courses per regular semester (fall and spring) and then increase the load through the summer sessions.

Are the online courses synchronous or asynchronous?

As a fully online program, our focus is to offer fully asynchronous courses. This does involve recorded video from instructors and students. Occasionally, there are synchronous online courses with set days and meeting times offered, and these courses can be taken if they fit within the student’s schedule. Some instructors may offer optional live webinars that students can attend if they are able, with these, recordings are usually offered for those that aren’t able to attend.

NOTE: It is possible to complete the MA in Spanish degree completely asynchronously.

Are the alternatives to submitting the Language Evaluation form as part of the application process?

All students, whether they are native or heritage speakers, must submit a completed language evaluation form. The program does accept alternatives. To date, the program accepts ACTFL OPI certificates as a substitute for the evaluation. Any questions on this should be directed to the MA in Spanish Graduate Director.

What are the program costs for the online MA in Spanish program?

Please consult the tuition and fees page of the NMSU Global campus website. They provide a current cost per credit. Just keep in mind that the program is 36 credits.


What is the additional language (other than Spanish and English) requirement and how do students generally complete this requirement included in the final degree requirements?

There are several reasons for which the MA in Spanish Program has an additional language requirement. Here are a few: 1) the MA degree has always had as an objective to prepare students that may be interested in seeking a PhD upon completing the master’s degree, and many PhD programs require an additional language (other than Spanish and English) as part of their application process, so this prepares students for that, 2) additionally, as language professionals and teachers, we always encourage and value learning additional languages in our global society, and 3) in conjunction with point #2, learning an additional language helps us to be understanding when it comes time to teaching students that are learning or trying to master Spanish.

Please keep in mind that this is a requirement for graduation from the program, not as part of the application to be accepted into the program. The vast majority of students have completed

Here are several ways students can complete the requirement:

· Complete through the intermediate level, language courses as part of an undergraduate degree. These courses will show up on your transcript when you apply, and we can verify the completion of the requirement.

· Completing a degree in high school, or equivalent level, in a language other than Spanish or English.

· Successfully pass a challenge-type exam accepted by the MA in Spanish program. We have had students try to complete this by simply doing Currently, the program accepts:

o The BYU-FLATS exam – must pass through intermediate level

o ACTFL OPI (in a language other than Spanish or English) – with a minimum proficiency level of Intermediate-mid

· Completing courses at NMSU or a local (one near you) university or community college. For Romance languages (Portuguese, French, Italian, etc.), this typically involves taking two or three courses at the university level. These can be done online or in-person at the student’s convenience. There are always different options for completing this coursework, please contact the Graduate Director to discuss your individual plan. Transcripts of completed courses should be sent to the MA in Spanish Graduate Director and NOT the Graduate School for this requirement only. NOTE: These courses are NOT part of the 36 credits required for the degree, these are in addition to those credits.

· Complete an intensive language study abroad program at an institute abroad. A certificate of completion must be submitted for such an experience. Please contact the Graduate Director about these opportunities.

· Completion of this requirement can vary by student, so please contact the Graduate Director about your plans and options.