International Studies

The International Studies Minor allows for a broad range of inquiry into disparate fields of study, including geography, communications, philosophy, international business, political science and agriculture. Open to all undergraduates, this course of study adds dimension to your major and reflects the increasingly interconnected world in which we live.

International Studies consists of 18 credit hours of approved interdisciplinary course work of which at least 12 are upper division (300 level or above). No more than 3 credits of Independent Study may be applied to the minor and only 2 courses (6 credits) may be double counted with the course of the student’s major(s). Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

The curriculum consists of 6 categories of courses. Students take one from each: Introductory Course; International Experience; Culture / Arts / Humanities; History, Geography; Government / Politics / Economics; and Health / Education / Environment.

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