Transfer Credit Guidelines

The MA in Spanish program at NMSU has accepted transfer credit at the graduate level. After acceptance in to the program, you must fill out the Transfer of Credit Form and seek the appropriate signatures. Please note, that in order to transfer credits, the graduate school needs to have an official copy of the transcripts on file before this may be completed.

Pro’s: as long as the credits meet the graduate school and departmental criteria, you can speed up your graduation time.

Con’s: since most of the courses taught at other institutions do not follow the same reading lists as we do, you are held responsible for covering reading materials on your own instead of through the classes we offer as part of the program. This means more individual work for you. So, while this may speed up your graduation time, this may also set you back in studying reading list materials at your own pace.


We will NOT transfer credits into our program for completion of a minor that is not in our department.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to fill out this transfer of credit form for courses that will eventually fulfill the Additional Language Requirement.   To fulfill that requirement, you simply need to submit official transcripts or test results to the Graduate Director.