In our German Program we invite students identify and analyze several cultural contexts and appreciate the intimacy between culture and language. This identification leads to an increase in intercultural awareness. In recognizing diverse perspectives our students develop more accurate tools to examine issues of both local and global scope.

Besides learning to speak and write in the German language (elementary German 1, and 2), in our upper-level courses we examine German literature, history (starting with the middle ages), film, translation, folklore, and current events to provide our students with a more complex view into the pluralistic and diverse German-speaking culture through the lenses of theoretical criticism (the Frankfurt School), and gender/ethnic studies.

Major / Minor

Our German Major consists of 24 credits (8 courses at the 300 and 400 levels).

Our German Minor consists of 18 credits (6 courses: GRMN 2110, GRMN 2120 plus 12 credits at the 300 and 400 levels)

German Major students are required to study an additional language (of their choice: Japanese, French, Portuguese, Spanish) through the second-year sequence, and complete Linguistics 2110G.

The program offers a two-week study abroad program (FLiP) to a German-speaking country on even-numbered years. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in programs available from the Office of Education Abroad. For more information, contact Prof. Lucy Zollner (