Welcome to the Department of Languages and Linguistics at New Mexico State University. Since we live and function in a multicultural global environment and university community, the department faculty members seek to help students shed monolingualism as a practice and as a lens through which to view the world. In studying languages students gain competency. They also enter into dialogue with other cultures and ways of perceiving the world and can reflect on the kind of world that they want to live in. Benefitting from its privileged place in the borderlands, the department makes special efforts to engage with others in the region, and in so doing, exercises diversity.

We offer an undergraduate major in foreign languages, with options (specializations) in Spanish, French, and German. Our Spanish program offers courses for students for whom Spanish is a second language and for those who are native or heritage speakers. We also offer supplementary majors in Latin American Studies, and Chicano Studies, and Linguistics. In undertaking the scientific study of language, students in linguistics learn about speech sounds, grammatical structures, meaning, and about the various factors—social, cultural, historical, and political—that influence language.

On the graduate level, we offer an M.A. in Spanish that has two tracks: residential, and online. Our G.A.s are enrolled in the face-to-face program and teach primarily at the core levels of language. In addition to minor programs in French, German, Spanish, and Linguistics, we offer language course through the intermediate level in Japanese and Portuguese.

We welcome your participation in our endeavor. Please contact us for further information as to how you can be part of the departmental community.

Dr. Glenn W. Fetzer
Academic Department Head
Covid-19 Era Phone: (616) 295-2958
Office number: (575) 646-4541