Supplementary Major: Linguistics


How To Obtain a Supplementary Major In Linguistics

This program consists of 24 credits drawn from courses dealing with linguistics and language use. In addition, students must satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences language requirement through course work, proficiency exams, or by taking three years of the same language in high school. Advisor: Dr. Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza, Languages and Linguistics.

Core Requirements (12 credits)

LING 200G, Introduction to Language 3
LING/PSY 301, Introduction to Psycholinguistics 3
LING 302V, Language and Society 3
LING 303, Exploring Language Systems 3

Electives (12 credits)

Take 12 additional credits dealing with language use and follow these guidelines: (1) at least 3 hours must be at the 400 level, (2) no more than 6 hours may be from the department where the student is obtaining his/her major, (3) all special topic, independent study, or directed reading courses must be approved by the Department of Languages and Linguistics.
(Total number of credit hours required for graduation: 128)