Supplementary Majors: Latin American Studies

How To Obtain a Supplementary Major In Latin American Studies

This program consists of 24 credits drawn from the lists below of which 18 credits must be numbered 300 or above. In addition, students must satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences language requirement through course work, proficiency examinations, or by taking three years of the same language in high school. Advisor: Mark Milliorn, Languages and Linguistics.


There are two options based on the section chosen by the student:

Option 1: Concentration in Latin American Language, Culture, and Literature (Spanish or Portuguese):
a) 12 credits from Section 1
b) 12 credits from Section 2, of which no more than 6 may be taken in a single department

Option 2: Concentration in one major (e.g., history, government, economics, health science, anthropology, sociology) included in Latin American Social Sciences and Art:
a) 12 credits in the chosen area of Section 2 (if the major is government, one of these courses may be ECON 325V)
b) 6 credits from another area (or areas) of Section 2
c) 6 credits from Section 1

Both options require that the student take at least two Spanish or Portuguese courses above 300-level, for which courses the student must pass either the language placement test or SPAN/PORT 212 or 214.

Section 1: Latin American Language, Culture and Literature:



SPAN 325, Advanced Conversation 3
SPAN 327, Conversation for Native Speakers of Spanish 3
HL S 461, Health Communications with Hispanic Clients 3
PORT 325, Portuguese Conversation 3

*Only 3 credits will count.


PORT 449, Special Problems 3
SPAN 305, Topics in Hispanic Civilization 3
SPAN 306, Special Topics 3
SPAN 362, Hispanic Cultures and Civilizations 3
SPAN 363, US-Hispanic Culture 3
SPAN 450, Mexican Cultures 3
SPAN 469, Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Film 3
SPAN 491, History of the Spanish Language 3


SPAN 386, Hispanic Literature through the Seventeenth Century 3
SPAN 387, Hispanic Literature: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century 3
SPAN 388, Contemporary Spanish Literature 3

Section 2: Latin American Social Sciences and Art

ANTH 110, New World Prehistory 3
ANTH 306V, Peoples of Latin America 3
ANTH 307, People of Mexico and Guatemala 3
ANTH 312, Ancient Maya 3
ANTH 313, Ancient Mexico 3
ANTH 361V, Social Issues in the Rural Americas 3
ANTH 387, Field Work in Latin America 3
ART 320, Art and Architecture in Pre-Columbian Meso-America 3
ART 321, Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture of the Andes 3
ECON 324V, Developing Nations 3
ECON 325V, Economic Development of Latin America 3
GEOG 328V, Geography of Latin America(s) 3
GEOG 461, U.S.-Mexico Border Development 3
GOVT 371, Latin American Politics 3
GOVT 378, U.S.-Mexico Border Politics 3
GOVT 379, Mexican Politics 3
HIST 311V, Colonial Latin America 3
HIST 312, Modern Latin America 3
HIST 331, Rebels, Guerillas and Terrorism in Modern Latin America 3
HIST 353, Colonial Mexico 3
HIST 354, Modern Mexico 3
HIST 356, The Mexican Revolution 3
HIST 357, Central America 3
HIST 358, Argentina 3
HIST 387, Spain 3
HIST 453, Cuba: Colony to Castro 3
HIST 455, Brazil 3
HIST 458, History of the U.S.-Mexican Border 3
HIST 459, Peru 3
HL S 462, Hispanic Health Issues 3
HL S 463, Interdisciplinary Seminar 3
HL S 465V, International Health Problems 3
HL S 469, U.S-Mexico Border Health Issues 3
PORT 451, Special Topics in Luso-Brazilian Studies 3
PORT 453, Independent Luso-Brazilian Studies 3
SOC 361, Social Issues in the Rural Americas 3
SOC 479, Sociology Perspectives on the US-Mexico Border 3
SPAN 364V, Culture of Mexico 3
SPAN 365V, Culture of Latin America 3
SPAN 410, Mesoamerican Literature and Culture 3
SPAN 412, Spanish-American Poetry 3
SPAN 413, Mexican Literature 3
SPAN 415, Spanish-American Women Writers 3
SPAN 416, Nineteenth Century Spanish-American Literature 3
SPAN 417, Spanish-American Essay 3
SPAN 418, Spanish-American Short Story 3
SPAN 419, Spanish-American Theater 3
SPAN 421, Cuban Literature 3
SPAN 422, Literature of Mexican Revolution 3
SPAN 424, Spanish-Caribbean Literature 3
SPAN 425, Spanish-American Literature Through the Eigteenth Century 3
SPAN 426, Spanish-American Novel 3
SPAN 429, Northern Mexican Literature 3
SPAN 447, Hispanic Film 3

In both sections, independent studies, honors or special topics courses may be chosen with the approval of the Supplementary Major in Latin American Studies advisor, the head of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, and the College of Arts and Sciences. As departments add new courses they may be included in the program. For information, please consult with the Languages and Linguistics advisor.
(Total number of credit hours required for graduation: 128)