As per the university’s plan, work at NMSU--Las Cruces will resume much of the practice of pre-pandemic teaching and activities.

For the Department of Languages and Linguistics, some classes will meet face-to-face, and others—as is customary—will meet online. Faculty will return in the fall 2021 semester. The report date is August 16, 2021. As per university and college policies, faculty who need an alternate work schedule may pursue an  Alternative Work Arrangement request that requires a AWA form and the approval by the supervisor and the Dean.

List of functions that must take place on campus to support the department’s mission

The following list excludes the numerous online courses which, although essential to the department’s mission, do not require student presence on campus:

  • Face to face classes
  • Face to face Tutoring
  • In person office hours
  • Non-virtual meetings
  • Non-virtual student group meetings

Face to face activities pertinent to the department’s mission will meet in campus facilities, or outside, depending on the number of people present. Other gatherings might be virtual, depending on factors in play.

Staffing overview of how teams and/or individuals will operate during regular working hours (e.g., fully in-person, staggered scheduling, etc.)

Since the department shares an administrative assistant with another department, no lunch-hour staffing of the office is guaranteed. A sign will be posted on the door of Breland 220 to direct persons to the appropriate alternate offices.

Continuity of operation plans in case of employees’ absence

In the event that the office (Breland 220) is closed due to the employee’s absence, a sign will be posted to that effect and will redirect the inquirer to another office.

Assessment of safety and risk points in the departmental space (e.g., proximity, interface to the public) and safety protocols and mitigation plans for each risk point

The overriding practices as to the location and format of meetings depend on the guidance of the CDC. That guidance is then reflected in the considerations announced and updated by the university officials ( see the CDC COVID Guidance website ,  the NMDOH COVID website and  the NMSU Now website ).  The department’s expectations will respond, ultimately, to the CDC guidelines as interpreted by university policy.

The key principles that support return to work considerations are these:

  • Health (persons sick or not feeling well should stay home)
  • Mission (the department is involved in teaching, much of which includes in-person classes and should seek to uphold that mission)
  • Safety everyone—whether faculty, staff, or student—must consider their actions pertaining to the well-being of the community. This might mean that when meeting with students in a faculty office, the doors might be kept open to facilitate the circulation of air.  Or it might mean that the number of students in the tutoring space remain limited. This will also mean that persons might choose to wear masks when in close proximity to others for extended periods of time, and faculty might request the use of masks, contingent on university guidelines. Everyone should feel free to use masks and maintain social distancing as per their discretion and based on the guidelines.