At the opening of campus on August 3, the department will be staffed by two persons. Jay Venegas, administrative assistant who will also be covering History. Jay will be in his office (Breland 220) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Luke Devine will be on call in the History Department Reading Room from Monday through Friday, 12 noon to 4 pm.


Persons needing assistance when no one is around can contact Jay Venegas by Zoom, at this url: At the beginning of August, Department Head Glenn Fetzer will be available in Breland 218. Days and hours will be weekdays August 3 through August 19 during normal working hours. The office telephone number is (575) 646-4595.


During the semester, department head coverage will be supplied by Glenn Fetzer, who will be in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays. Other department heads in Breland Hall who will be available include Dennis Giever (Criminal Justice) and Carol Campbell (Geography).

  • Most of the courses in the fall semester will be conducted online or in a hybrid format. Hybrid courses may integrate both online work and in-class work. Some hybrid classes will have one half the students attend one day and the others then next. See the COVID schedule of classes organized by the Registrar’s office. Some courses will occur face-to-face in a modified format (masking and social distancing required), as per university COVID policy. Each instructor will communicate the structure of the course to their students.
  • Most meetings with students will take place on Zoom, although some face-to-face meetings will occur.
  • Before returning to campus, all personnel (staff, faculty, student workers, TAs) are required to complete the Return to Campus training through
  • No personnel will visit the Department if they experience COVID symptoms
  • Students who experience symptoms are also expected to stay at home
  • All faculty and staff accessing the department will keep a log of their attendance (time spent on campus each day, places (room numbers). 
  • TAs who share offices will have to use the office at staggered times, so that their presence does not overlap with that of another.
  • All personnel visiting the Department will practice social distancing, and will wear a face covering outside of their office.
  • All personnel visiting the Department will wash hands frequently, and will attempt to disinfect common surfaces before and after use. Special care should be taken when using restrooms, ensuring only a single person at a time, and being extra-vigilant to avoid possible exposure.
  • If any personnel develop COVID-19 symptoms and/or are tested positive for COVID-19, they will immediately notify the Department Head and the Aggie Health and Wellness Center. 
  • The Department will rely on Facilities and Services to be routinely cleaning/disinfecting the building.
  • Students who experience symptoms must contact Aggie Health and Wellness.
  • For prolonged course absence, students must provide documentation from a health professional for any accommodation in course work. 
  • All NMSU policies must be followed and supersede department policies.