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New Mexico State University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Languages & Linguistics


Advising guidelines may assist a student,

but students bear the ultimate responsibility for reading their undergraduate catalog and fulfilling degree requirements.

Minimum 18 credits

    For a minor in Spanish, the student must complete the following requirements:

    1.    Successfully complete complete the series of  SPAN 211 and SPAN 212, or SPAN 213 and SPAN 214.

    2.    SPAN 312 or SPAN 313

    3.    SPAN 314 or SPAN 315

    4.    Take at least one course at the 300-400 level in Literature, Culture, or Linguistics.

    5.    Take additional courses at the 200-300 level to bring the total to a minimum of 18 credit hours.


    Please note that courses in the 100 level do not count towards a Spanish minor.  All courses must be completed with a minimum of a C grade.  There is a maximum of 6 credits at the 200 level.