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New Mexico State University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Languages & Linguistics

We offer Majors in French, German, Spanish, and supplementary majors in Latin American Studies, Chicano Studies, and Linguistics. A Major requires 24 credit hours at the 300 and 400 level.


We offer Minors in French, German, Linguistics, and Spanish. A Minor requires 18 credit hours of which 12 have to be at the 300 and 400 level.


The study of language as a system of human communication. Find out how language is put together, how it changes, how it interacts with society, and how it is learned. All single majors take LING 200: Introduction to Language.

Type of Courses

We offer courses in:

  • Language Skills
  • Culture/Civilization
  • Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Creative Writing/Theater Production
  • Language for the Professions
  • Film
  • Translation
  • Methodology


We offer skill-building courses, business German, German studies, linguistics, literature, cinema, and a theater workshop. Three faculty members who teach German are native speakers, from Hamburg, Berlin, and Vienna. Audio immersion is possible at our annual German Weekend, and majors often attend the German Summer School in Taos.


French courses are available at all levels: from beginning courses for students with no prior experience in language study to more advanced courses for students who are interested in business, culture and civilization, francophone studies around the world, film, history, literature, or phonetics. Programs are available to students who wish to study in Québec, France or other French-speaking countries as part of their program of study.


The courses are designed for students with no experience in Japanese. Focus is on learning the basic communication skills with native speakers, introduction of cultural traits and linguistic characteristics. Application to some business as well as daily life will be included.


Portuguese for students with prior language experience in Spanish is offered as a two semester sequence. Advanced skills and culture courses are scheduled on a rotating basis. The Brazilian Club regularly meets for films and cultural activities.


Students in beginning and intermediate skills courses are placed by examination in either the Spanish for Native Speakers track or the Non-Native track. Courses at the 300 level include classes such as: Grammar (for both native and non-native speakers), Composition, Introduction to Literature, Conversation (for both native and non-native speakers), Survey of Spanish American Literature and Culture and Civilization of either Spain or Spanish America. At the 400 level a variety of courses and seminar are offered on Spanish American Literature, Hispanic Literatures of the U.S., Applied Spanish Linguistics, Creative Writing, Literary and Technical Translation, and Methodology. All courses are taught in Spanish. The approach is interdisciplinary and focuses on creating greater understanding of our multicultural and increasingly more international world. The Spanish component promotes on-going activities such as a lecture series and a Film program.

Study Abroad

Several programs are available to students who wish to study abroad beginning with Introductory language courses. We have both intensive and one or two semester study abroad programs in many parts of the world. For example: Take your second year of Spanish during the summer in Cuernavaca, Mexico. For more information contact: Foreign Studies Advisor Professor Jeffrey Longwell. 

Graduate Program in Spanish

The Masters of Arts in Spanish provides significant training in Spanish-American Literature, Hispanic Literatures of the United States, Applied Spanish Linguistics, Creative Writing, Literary & Technical Translation, Methodology. All courses are taught in Spanish.


NMSU is located in Las Cruces, the largest city in Southern New Mexico, set in the fertile crescent of the Río Grande-Mesilla Valley and at the base of the Organ Mountain Range. Las Cruces is traversed by Juan de Oñate's 1598 Camino Real. Las Cruces is a pleasant environment for study in a sunny desert climate with spectacular views as well as a quiet, moderately priced community with student housing available on campus and within walking distance. NMSU, with a student body of 15,000, is only forty four miles from El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, México, the largest urban center on the U.S.-Mexico border.


The department maintains a language laboratory which is used in language instruction including a growing minicomputer section for graduate and undergraduate use. Drop by Breland Hall, room 220, to learn more about our programs.

Take the Lead

Learn another language and experience another culture! Our world is increasingly interdependent. There is a growing need to speak other languages and understand other cultures. We can help you do so.
Come by and see us in Breland Hall, Room 220, or call 646-3408.

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