French Courses

A language assessment is required of all students entering the French program, including native or heritage language speakers.  Please visit the Department of Languages and Linguistics web site for an active link to the French Placement Exam.  Students may not receive credit for a lower-level course which is a pre-requisite for a high-level course for which credit has been received or which is being taken for credit. Exceptions must have prior approval of the head of the department.

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French courses offered this semester

 FREN 111.  Elementary French I  (4 credits)
Introduction to French language as well as to French and francophone cultures. Emphasis on development of communicative competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  FREN 111 is a course for beginners.
 FREN 112.  Elementary French II (4 credits)
This course complements and follows FREN 111.  Students will continue to expand their skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Class activities will include compositions and oral interviews.  Students will continue with the same textbooks used in FREN 111.      Prerequisite:  C or better in FREN 111.
 FREN 211.  Intermediate French I (3 credits)
This third semester course is designed to develop students’  abilities in speaking, listening, reading and writing at a more advanced level. The course includes a review of grammar and  an introduction to the reading of various cultural and literary texts.      Prerequisite:  C or better in FREN 112.
  FREN 325.  Intermediate French Conversation (3 credits)
The main purpose of this course is to develop the intermediate student’s ability to understand and speak French.  The class will focus on small-group guided discussions which are designed to increase fluency, improve pronunciation and expand vocabulary.  Class materials consist of  contemporary texts and visual materials about French and Francophone cultures.        Prerequisite:  FREN 212 or consent of Instructor
  FREN 381.  Survey of French Literature
Literary movements, authors and selected texts of the Middle Ages through the eighteenth century. Prerequisite(s): FREN 212 or consent of instructor.
  FREN 425.  Advanced French Conversation
Mastery of spoken French language through discussion of personal readings and group work to develop vocabulary, syntactical and conversational skills. The class is conducted entirely in French.
  FREN 449.  Special Problems 
Directed reading for graduate students in specific field to satisfy language requirement for master’s or doctoral programs.
  FREN 453.  Independent Studies in French
 Individualized, self-paced projects for advanced students. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. May be repeated for a  maximum of 6 credits.

 Students who have already taken some French courses  are encouraged to take the French Placement Exam ( available at the Languages & Linguistics webpage) in order to be placed at the correct level.